life of a cookie Sugar E. Cookies provides the finest quality cookies and granola at your command! 
  • Sugar E. Cookies does not bake with any preservatives or trans fats.
  • Freshest goodies: NOTHING is prepared until it is requested.
  • Will ship beautiful gift packages of cookies and/or granola.
Maybe you just have a sweet tooth that requires taming every now and then. What a perfect way to tame it than with a wholesome, scrumptiuous, irresistible treat from Sugar E. Cookies. So what are you waiting for? Take a peak at our list of phenomenal treats and see which cookie(s) will satisfy your palate.  Sugar E. Cookies provides platters for meetings, parties, birthdays, thank you's.... or whatever you feel inclined to incorporate a divine platter of wholesome sweets to.
Sugar E. Cookies was founded by an energetic daughter, Elizabeth Glatt, and an enthusiastic mother, Sue Igyarto in 2003. Sugar E. Cookies first started out as a holiday  based business. Elizabeth loved to bake whenever she was bored, stressed, happy, irritated, or....she basically loved baking all the time. The kitchen was overflowing with 

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